The Human Rights Technology Consortium is a platform for the collaborative creation and dissemination of knowledge about the use of technology to promote and protect human rights. Founded in March 2014 by Jay Aronson (Carnegie Mellon University), Molly Land (University of Connecticut), and Enrique Piracés (RightsLab), the Consortium has several interrelated goals, including fostering collaboration between those working in the field of human rights technology and supporting efforts to further our understanding of, and support the sharing of information and research regarding, the use of ICTs and new methodologies for information collection and analysis in the field of human rights law and practice.

This site was created with two goals in mind. First, it is intended as a platform for the collection and sharing of research, commentary, scholarship and reports addressing issues at the intersection of technology and human rights law and practice. Second, we hope the site will also foster new networks and connections by mapping the organizations, companies and institutions working on human rights technology.

Please let us know if your organization or institution is interested in becoming associated with the site or if you have resources you would like us to consider for posting.